What Are My Land Rover Early Lease Turn In Options?

Have you been eyeing your neighbor's brand new Land Rover and wishing it was sitting in your driveway or that you were behind the wheel powering through city blocks and the back roads of New England? Or maybe you have really enjoyed your current Land Rover and are thinking of keeping it? Maybe you just want to learn more about your Range Rover lease return options. Whatever the decision you decide to make, take comfort in knowing that there are options available to ensure that you continue to love what you drive.
Turn in your vehicle and purchase or lease a new Land Rover.
This is the best perk of leasing! You have the option to trade your leased Land Rover in for the latest technology and design Land Rover has to offer!

Like what you're currently driving but want a newer model? Or want to get yourself into something completely different - it's up to you. We will help you transition form your current Land Rover to the new one of your choice! Feel free to call us & chat about how going through with a Range Rover early lease termination can benefit you.
Purchase the Land Rover you're currently leasing.
If you love the Land Rover you're already in, then why change a thing? 

Contact us before your lease ends at 844-338-9502. We will review with you the details of your lease agreement, discuss your options, determine the vehicle's lease payoff amount and answer any questions you may have.

Return your leased vehicle to Land Rover Scarborough.
No longer interested in a Land Rover? That's ok. We understand your needs may have changed and we'll be here for you if you decide to come back. Simply contact us to schedule your lease-end return appointment at 844-338-9502.

Lease Return Checklist

Here's what you'll need to do on the day you return your vehicle.

  • Remove all personal items from your vehicle. Don't forget items like your EZ Pass, Garage Door Opener, Parking Permits and all personal items including those stored in door pockets, seat back pockets and overhead compartments.
  • Place the owner's manual in the glove box.
  • Ensure any accessories that came with the original lease are present.
  • Turn in both sets of keys to the vehicle.
  • Call us at 844-338-9502 within at least one business day of turning in the vehicle to set up your appointment and to ask questions about Land Rover lease over mileage or Land Rover lease excess mileage charge. 

Land Rover Scarborough offers all Lease Return Clients the Following Services. 

  • Complimentary pre-inspection of your vehicle, should repairs or maintenance work be necessary you will have plenty of time to address those items before the land rover lease return inspection is due at lease end.
  • Complimentary transportation to your home or office, after returning your leased vehicle. 
  • To ensure information security and privacy, we will delete any "stored" entries from your vehicle's Navigation and Infotainment System and integrated Garage Door Opener (if equipped). This service is complimentary.
Land Rover Scarborough
Your New England Lease Return Headquarters.

We accept Land Rover lease returns even if you didn't originate your lease with us. 
Land Rover Lease returns that can be accepted at our location require original financing through Chase or US Bank. 


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