When shopping for a luxury vehicle that offers you the performance, beautiful design, and iconic styling that you deserve on the streets of Portland, ME, it can be hard to know where to start on your shopping journey. If you've settled on investing in a new Land Rover vehicle, allow your local South Portland, ME area dealership to simply the process. Meet your luxury buyer's guide, specifically breaking down each Land Rover model and who it's ideal for.

The Land Rover Lineup

There are three Land Rover specific vehicles, including the Discovery family and the Defender family. These models offer all-terrain features and top-tier luxury. Compare here:

The Land Rover Discovery Sport

The smallest of the Land Rover lineup, this model is known for falling within the luxury compact SUV segment. Unique to this class, you'll find the option to upgrade to the third row of seating if seven riders is a necessity for you—this is a rarity for such a compact crossover. Find standard technology features like a large 10-inch infotainment center and driver's assistance features.

The Land Rover Discovery

If you're looking for a mid-sized SUV geared towards carrying seven passengers with comfort, consider the Land Rover Discovery. This model offers convenient cargo solutions such as power sliding seats, great towing capacity rating, and a diesel engine configuration alongside hybrid options. This model is a versatile, terrain-tackling luxury ride.

The Land Rover Defender

At the height of the lineup's off-road prowess, the Land Rover Defender offers perhaps the most unique design scheme compared to others in the lineup. A rear-mounted tire and upright design make it an expedition machine. You'll love the choice between a two-door and a four-door option, as well as other all-terrain features you won't find elsewhere.

The Range Rover Lineup

If you're in the market for next-level luxury, consider one of the four models in the Range Rover family. These vehicles are still Land Rover models, but they fall within a specific model lineup known for its dynamic styling and city-centric personality. Compare the options here:

The Range Rover Evoque

The officially smallest SUV of the entire lineup, this model is compact, luxurious, and refined. You'll enjoy rich leather, aluminum, and soft-touch materials that welcome you to the start of the Range Rover lineup with grace and flair. This model only seats five passengers but offers a longer wheelbase than previous iterations that makes room for comfort in the second row. Perfect for small families who want maneuverability and luxury—the Range Rover Evoque fits in with confidence.

The Range Rover Velar

Those shopping for a mid-sized five-seat only vehicle will love this ultra-luxury and super refined SUV. The Range Rover Velar flaunts a classic floating roofline outside with sleek lines and futuristic interior elements like intricate perforated leather seating and ultra-simplified controls that make this SUV a moving oasis.

The Range Rover Sport

If you like the aggressive sports styling of the Range Rover, the optional supercharged V8 engine, and some of the other flagship luxury perks, but don't seed such a large SUV, the Range Rover Sport is for you.

The Range Rover

Consider the height of luxury in this flagship model, which offers seating for five and next-level luxury amenities that are exclusive to this model. Highly bolstered, quilted leather seats, a completely rear-seat infotainment center if you choose, and the full spectrum of safety equipment make this a true foray into a new world of driving.

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